Christian Mission Trips

Customized Mission Trips to Florida

Christian Mission Trips
10 reasons why Epic Missions is the first choice for Christian Mission Trips for College Students, Youth Groups, Churches, Public Schools, Private Schools, Adults, Senior Adults, Business and Families:

Ever since our founding in 2011, we desired to offer the best quality short term missions experience for the most reasonable cost possible. We built a full missions base campus and filled it with all the amenities we knew a missions team would need for an effective week of service!

Great food, air conditioned accommodations, hot showers, a clean relaxing campus, areas for recreation and games, areas to hold outdoor meetings and superb food were all "no compromise" ingredients.

We are happy to say - We did it!

Our 5 star Facebook and "survey monkey" results all prove it. Click here to see the 10 reasons why Epic Missions is the best value in a Christian Mission Trip today!
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Epic Missions is a custom designer of domestic mission trips for teams of college students, teenagers, schools, families, Adults, Senior Adults.
No two mission trips are alike and we are pleased to say that most of our teams repeat their missions destination with us year after year.

Every single week of the year we build a different itinerary and customize it directly to our teams’ talents and desires!

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Custom Plan your Trip with the best value in meals, housing and itinerary for the following choices:
Adopting a Family" for a week, work with Pre-school disadvantaged, Home Rehabilitation, Elderly Ministry, Needy Families, Urban Evangelism, Vacation Bible School Ministry, work in a Garden that gives away all it grows, work with "At risk"teens, work with Children removed from their families, Neighborhood After School programs, Food Share Programs, Homeless Ministries, Soup Kitchen Ministry, Animal shelter care, Equestrian Care, Missions Flight support

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All our missions trips are custom designed to meet the talents and desires of your team!
Without Question - The Best Value and Quality offered in a Domestic Mission Trip Today!
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*Christian Mission Trips that are customized for Public Mission Teams and Christian Groups on short term Mission Trips in the United States. Our Christian Mission Trip Base is located in Florida. We also offer service trips to non religious groups, public schools and businesses. Folks who serve in this capacity do not have to believe as a Christian to do service work through a missions trip with Epic Missions. We design a mission trip to meet your talents and desires. These Mission Trips serve any one, regardless of religious belief, as long as they are needy or at risk. We serve in Christian Missions for teams from across the USA and Canada. Schedule your Christian Mission Trips today!