Don't waste the pandemic

Pandemics and Tragedy bring forth God's handiwork. Teach it to your kids.

Don’t Waste this Pandemic, by Chris Vogt
PARENTS: While this thing is devastating and something we all pray would have stopped yesterday I can’t stop thinking about God’s providential purposes for our world, my countries (I claim to have 4), myself and my children.
For example, several years ago when my wife and I told our kids we were moving back to Africa many people would ask about our safety. Naturally, safety is something we all desire for the ones we love, but I don’t find it to be a high value biblically for the Christian. If safety was top priority for us we would never cross another ocean. As we talked about this with our kids my son said “Dad, I think satan wants people to love being safe so that people never know Jesus”. Don’t Waste You’re Move to Africa. Check.
Then last year while we were in Africa our home town in Florida was about to get nailed by a hurricane. Our kids prayed for Florida, they prayed for their friends and we read the story of Joseph and how God used the evil act of his brothers against him to accomplish greater purposes. A couple days later my daughter drew this picture of a hurricane uprooting trees and houses with the words “God means everything for good”. Don’t Waste Hurricanes. Check.

COVD picture
Shortly after that several of us in our family got malaria all in one week. My youngest son was sick for two weeks as the malaria resisted the first round of treatment and it left him depleted. My children prayed and they saw Gods kindness to restore him and it united us as a family. Don’t Waste Malaria. Check.
Then after this we knew of two men who were literally running for their lives because they loved Jesus. We prayed as a family, as did many, and God preserved them both miraculously (and I don’t throw that word around flippantly). My kids saw how valuable God was and how involved God is. Don’t Waste Persecution. Check.
Then in the last few months we have departed rapidly from two countries, once due to my wife becoming very sick and another just last week due to this virus. Each time God has given us homes to live in, cars to drive, and blessings along the way. My kids have seen Gods incredible provision for us again and again. Don’t Waste Fleeing Countries due to Crisis. Check.
And now this virus has come. We’ve prayed as a family for those who are suffering. We’ve reminded ourselves of Gods presence and control in what looks like chaos through Psalm 46, Psalm 112, and Psalm 23. We talk about it every morning with our kids and I truly don’t know what God has for them or for us.
Will we get sick? Will others we love get sick? Will death be a reality to face? What does grief and mourning look like as a family? I am not completely clear on those questions yet.
But one thing i am absolutely confident in: God does NOT want us to Waste this Pandemic for God wastes nothing.
Trials, sicknesses, parasites, hurricanes, beatings, viruses, fleeings and pandemics are simply the backdrop of the stage play to better allow the audience to see (and my children) to wonder at the greatness and glory of the main actor who causes all sufferings to fade and diminish in comparison to “the light of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Cor 4:6).
It is at the cross of Jesus that the greatest suffering was overcome by greater glory, for our salvation.
Therefore parents (or whoever), don’t waste the sufferings of this life for your sake or your children’s.
For you as Christians, show your kids that when all things are stripped away due to quarantines, closed borders, limited supplies, failing economy, loss of jobs, sickness or death......and all you have left is God. May your life declare to them that he is more valuable and precious than it all.
I plead with you. Give your children more of God during this pandemic. He alone will satisfy forever.
And if you don’t believe that he is that important. Then may it all be stripped away so that you can see him more clearly.
Suffering and Glory. It’s a God thing. They weren’t wasted for Jesus. God will not let them be wasted for us ...........or for our children, pandemics included.
“For I consider the SUFFERINGS of this present time are not worth comparing with the GLORY that is to be revealed to us” Rom 8:18
“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good for those who are called according to his purpose.” Rom 8:28