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Missions Trips designed for College Students, Church Youth Groups, Public and Private Schools, Adults, Families and Senior Adults. We customize every Mission Trip around your teams’ talents and desires.

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Epic Missions is a custom designer of missions trips for teams of college students, teenagers, schools, family Mission Trips, church youth groups, adults, senior high school and junior high school students.

No two missions trips are alike and we are pleased to say that most of our teams repeat their missions destination with us year after year.

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We Custom Plan your Trip with the best value in meals, housing and itinerary for the following choices:
"Adopting a Family" for a week, work with Pre-school disadvantaged, Home Rehabilitation, Elderly Ministry, Needy Families, Urban Evangelism, Vacation Bible School Ministry, work in a Garden that gives away all it grows, work with "At risk"teens, work with Children removed from their families, Neighborhood After School programs, Food Share Programs, Homeless Ministries, Soup Kitchen Ministry, Animal shelter care, Equestrian Care,
Missions Flight support

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Christian Missions 2
Short Term Christian Missions Trips
are all about helping the hurting, homeless, hungry and "at risk" children in our community. You bring your team to Epic Missions and we will plug you in to serve people who are in need.

Our Mission is to permanently end hunger, homelessness, despair and "at risk" behaviors by showing the needy person or child true Christian love and compassion. Our work is a result of our faith in Jesus Christ. However, we serve ALL needy people regardless of their belief system or race.

Our goal is to positively impact the life of people here in our community and at the same time, teach your team how to be more aware of the needs around you when you return to your own hometown. Many of our Missions teams have been challenged to return home and start their own missions in their neighborhood or city.

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Florida Missions Trip
Designed by Youth Pastors - For Youth Pastors - We understand what you need!

We do the planning work for you! We plan your entire itinerary based upon your teams talents and desires, accommodate you on 16 beautiful acres in our 4,700 sq. ft. air conditioned dorm headquarters, and feed you 3 delicious home cooked meals per day!

Every area of missions work you serve in during your week is designed around your teams desires, talents, and goals. No two trips are ever the same!

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Missions Trips for Christians
Christian Missions Trip Opportunity
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Make a missions Impact
There is much talk from others to convince you that a short term missions trip is just a "feel good" party for the participant.

In reality, lives are permanently changed for the better by your efforts. When you leave to return home - your impact stays for a lifetime. Its' not about singing Kum-ba-yah at the campfire and toasting marshmallows. A Missions trip is demanding and emotional for all involved. So the next time some cynic tells you that you don't make a difference in Short term Missions, remind them that:

1 The $329 you will spend on a week of missions is less than their car payment. Their car won't offer anyone hope, love or solutions
2 Real lives are impacted on missions trips
3 You support the ongoing work of a full time mission as a volunteer - lightening their staffing load - more of their resources go to needy people and not salaries
4 Your involvement in short term missions changes your perspective on poverty and hurting
5 That the "Great Command" given by Jesus was to go into all the world to be witnesses… and to care for the sick and the poor.
6 And finally, it only takes one bad decision to put any person on the receiving end of the soup kitchen. And sometimes life itself simply hands out that card. The cynic could just as easily be hurting one day. If so - I'll bet he would be happy to see your face at the homeless shelter.

At Epic Missions - We make a difference every day of the year with over 90,000 hours of volunteer time in just the last 4 years!

Nothing else will change the rest of your life in just one week!

All our missions trips are custom designed to meet the talents and desires of your team!
Without Question - The Best Value and Quality offered in a Domestic Mission Trip Today!

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Cuba Missions Trip
Consider a missions trip to Cuba! Recent changes have opened doors to the Island that have been closed for many decades. To learn more - go to
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