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8 reasons why Epic Missions is the first choice for College Students, Youth Groups, Churches, Public Schools, Private Schools, Adults, Senior Adults, Business and Families:

1) We are the Destination - Not the Agency - We own and operate a REAL missions base - We are NOT a PO Box! If you are communicating with someone with a PO Box - ask them where their sleeping facilities are located.

We do not charge you to sleep in a building on a floor, with no showers - thats because we provide our beautiful missions base to YOU in Vero Beach, FL while on your missions trip. We have over 10,600 sq. ft. of facilities set on 16 beautiful acres with air conditioning, on site showers, pillow top mattresses and provide 3 home cooked (from scratch) meals per day!

We have two lakes, 3,200 sq. ft outdoor pavilion with 4 wide screen televisions and sound, outdoor beach volley ball court, basketball, ping pong and dozens of games, lanai area, 4,400 sq. ft. dorm on 16 beautiful acres.
Here is what we provide!

2) We can plug you in to some of over
20 different types of ministry opportunities while you are here at Epic Missions

3) Epic Missions was
founded by Youth Pastors - We understand what you need for your kids and adults and we deliver it! We also understand what your team leaders need as well!

4) We
customize your mission trip based upon your desires and group talents, we do not plug you in to a preset trip

5) We provide you 3 home cooked (from scratch) hearty meals per day,
not just Breakfast and lunch - that makes a big difference for leaders and team at the end of a long day

6) We have
beautiful updated facilities all air conditioned with brand new adult pillow top beds on our own 16 acre campus with a 3,200 sq. ft. outdoor pavilion and a 4,400 sq. ft. A/C dorm!

Affordable costs (inclusive of meals, lodging, missions planning)

8) Domestic mission trips mean lower costs and better safety for your team and we are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida - ideal for a mission trip year round!

Click Here to see our missions base accommodations! For more information on pricing and how kids can stay for free, please click here.

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Epic Missions is a custom designer of mission trips for teams of college students, teenagers, schools, families, Adults, Senior Adults.
No two mission trips are alike and we are pleased to say that most of our teams repeat their missions destination with us year after year.

Every single week of the year we build a different itinerary and customize it directly to our teams’ talents and desires!

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Custom Plan your Trip with the best value in meals, housing and itinerary for the following choices:
Adopting a Family" for a week, work with Pre-school disadvantaged, Home Rehabilitation, Elderly Ministry, Needy Families, Urban Evangelism, Vacation Bible School Ministry, work in a Garden that gives away all it grows, work with "At risk"teens, work with Children removed from their families, Neighborhood After School programs, Food Share Programs, Homeless Ministries, Soup Kitchen Ministry, Animal shelter care, Equestrian Care, Missions Flight support
Florida Missions Trip
Designed by Youth Pastors - For Youth Pastors - We understand what you need!

We do the planning work for you! We plan your entire itinerary based upon your teams talents and desires, accommodate you on 16 beautiful acres in our 4,700 sq. ft. air conditioned dorm headquarters, and feed you 3 delicious home cooked meals per day!

Every area of missions work you serve in during your week is designed around your teams desires, talents, and goals. No two trips are ever the same!

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Mission Trip Destination
Missions Trips for Christians
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All our missions trips are custom designed to meet the talents and desires of your team!
Without Question - The Best Value and Quality offered in a Domestic Mission Trip Today!

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