Christian Mission Trips and Retreats to Florida

Short Term Christian Missions Team Specialists

Epic Missions has Short Term Missions Opportunities
Epic Short Term Christian Missions Trips Include:
5 Nights and 6 days on our campus
Sunday Night to Friday Morning (typical)
3 Meals per day - delicious and home cooked
Epic Missions Guide for your team
Customized Planning by Epic Missions for your week
Air conditioned surroundings
Full size Adult beds for comfort
4,400 sq. foot facility for teams that has a meeting room and open Lanai areas
16 acres for relaxation
Prayer Garden and Cross
3,200 sq. ft, outdoor pavilion
Brand New Regulation size Basketball court
Short term implies missions experiences that are less than 1 week. Some of our teams stay for less time than a standard 5 day 6 night trip.

In general, it takes at least two or three days to unwind and start to fully appreciate the experience of giving and sharing yourself to help others.

It is important to get away from your familiar surroundings and schedule in order to immerse yourself in serving others. God speaks clearer and louder during theses times - in reality we hear Him better because we are quiet. Epic Missions provides an experience where the team is challenged and stretched so that God can begin to do the impossible and we see Him at work!

Short term Missions Trips are an experience
that you will never forget! Friendships are formed that will forever last and you experience an opportunity to reach deep down inside yourself and discover what you can really do with God's help.
The beauty in a custom short term missions trip to Florida with Epic Missions, is that you experience this call of God upon your life while surrounded with folks who love you and care about you.

Usually the team senses a great urge to grow stronger together and God typically moves in special ways to heal relationships, touch lives, and in some cases, puts a call upon our lives to serve Him in new ways as we return

Planning a Short term Christian Missions trip with Epic Missions is easy

Planning a Short term Christian Missions trip with Epic Missions is easy because we do all the planning for you based upon the talents and desires of your group. The short term missions experience is an opportunity for just a few days to see what it is like to make a lasting IMPACT in the lives of others - all by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in creative ways that match the talents of your team and the needs of the people you minister to!
short term missions
Some of the teams that share their missions week with Epic Missions like to begin their morning with a devotions time that is usually provided by one of their own team members.  Some teams also enjoy having a time of worship during their week at Epic Missions.  We encourage you to bring your guitars or key boards and have worship together as a team.

Please feel free to bring a cd or ipod of your favorite music for worship and we can provide a doc station or cd player for you to enjoy your worship session. We encourage this time throughout your week.  It allows the team a time to reflect and share what God is doing in and through the members on your team.  There can also be time made available for quiet reflection if the team leaders requests it.

We have regular worship each Sunday and encourage you to join us if you are in town!
Missions Trip
We also live here and serve in full time Christian service. So we are not "sending" your missions team to a location in which we are foreigners ourselves.

At Epic Missions Inc we deliver customized Short Term Missions Trips and experiences that allow you to
spread the Gospel and help your fellow man.
While most Missions Coordinators tell you they can send you anywhere - it might be good for you to know we are already here! Because we live in Florida and network with ministries right here in the sunny state of Florida. Florida Short Term Missions are customized to the talents and ministry desire of your team.

"Awesome" should be a starting point for your description of the Epic Missions experience.
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When you choose a
Florida Missions experience we will customize your trip based upon the members of your team. Every team that Epic Missions works with has a unique itinerary planned for them by our team coordinators.
Click Here for Florida entertainment or relaxation options should your team desire one or two days for sightseeing or relaxation.

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