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What We Provide!
  • Provide you with Customized Florida Missions Opportunities that will be detailed to your Ministry desires
  • Provide you with a full time leader from Epic on your Florida Missions team projects (except your entertainment days)
  • Comfortable Overnight Accommodations for your missions team
  • 16 acres of Florida sunshine , volley ball, Basketball and outdoor fields
  • 3 meals each day! Breakfast, Lunch and dinner each day. Dinner is NOT an additional charge :)
  • For $349 p/p (groups of 10 or more) you can have a 5 night, 6 day mission (Sunday to Friday morning). Groups under 10 team members are $369 per person. Children under age 10 are $199 each and Children under 5 are free for the full missions trip!
  • Praise and Worship - your leaders may lead worship themselves. Epic Missions does NOT require any team to attend a church service or religious event. The team makes its own choices relative to what they choose to do after their volunteer hours throughout the week.
  • EPIC Missions Tee Shirts (2)
  • Florida mission trip options require you to provide your own transportation to our base in Vero Beach, FL and transportation while on your missions trip in Florida.

What to Bring...
Pillow, twin sheet set or sleeping bag, sun screen, bug spray, toiletry items, bible, ministry items, sneakers (a must) or one pair of close toed shoes (required at some missions locations), socks (lots), bath towel, cleansers, bathing suit (girls - no bikinis - wear tankinis or one piece), medications (notify leadership), music (guitars, ipod for worship, etc...), nail polish (ministry tool), Lowe’s or Home Depot Gift Cards for projects, personal spending money
What NOT to Bring...
No Short shorts, No Bikini's, No Knives or weapons, No illegal drugs, No alcohol and we recommend that students avoid using cell phones on the trip.

When you take a short term mission trip you never know quite what to expect.  I like to refer to this as "with Jesus you expect the unexpected". You need to go with the F.A.T. attitude, Flexible, Adaptable and Teachable.  You may have a schedule handed to you that lays out certain projects to be completed that day or days. The next thing you know the unexpected happens and that entire schedule changes for the day. 
Every team member needs to be willing to be flexible going on a mission trip.  You will find while on your short term mission trip you will need to adapt to the situations around you. Either you adapt on your own, or the Lord has ways of teaching you how to be flexible and useable.
In reality, even the best planned days can get totally rescheduled because of illness, lockdowns in a facility, delivery conflicts and all sorts of reasons. We do our very best to have a confirmed schedule for our teams. But in reality - being fluid and flexible is so important for you because even the detours in schedule bring new prospects for making someones day just a bit happier.
What to expect on missions
Epic Missions Inc. is a Florida Not for Profit Corporation organized as a (IRS 501(c)3) organization. We derive our operating income from donations, offerings and grants. When you travel to Epic Missions as a team, you are making a contribution to this ministry through your trip dollars as a donation to this outreach.
missions expectations
Sometimes the younger members of the team may be thinking of joking around about what they see or smell - you need to reproof them in a Godly way and help them understand that in God's eyes, some of the smells in a shelter are just as sweet as their fancy cologne or perfume. God sees a different picture - through missions work your eyes will begin to change as well...
Expect a great missions trip
Another attribute to take with you on a short term mission trip is being teachable.  Being willing to learn new ways to serve is important to the whole team.  Being willing to receive instruction from someone else and following through on the given task is very vital to the mission being a success.
If you serve one day in a soup kitchen and they are serving food you would never eat, you need to keep a positive attitude and serve it like you are serving a prime rib steak!!  It will teach you very quickly how blessed you really may be! The people that come to the soup kitchen are hungry and they are ready to eat their hot meal and they do not want to hear negative talk about what they are being served to eat.
Missions trips are excellent
Expectations on missions
A short term mission trip can make a major impact on your life as well as the lives that you serve.  The ways you serve on a mission trip can be brought back home with and you can make a difference in your own community.  The fulfillment you feel within is very rewarding and has life changing effects on one’s life.  The time you give to reach out and make a difference in someone else’s life is never wasted. 

You never know what God will do with the seeds that YOU plant and the difference you can make may last for all eternity.  People in our country are seeking to feel significant and they want to know that they are doing something that really matters.  That is why short term mission’s trips are becoming more and more popular with teens and adults.  You can make a difference! 
Call Epic Missions today and start making a difference for all time!!

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What You Provide!
  • You provide your transportation (flights or driving) to, from, and during your ministry week at Epic Missions Inc
  • Ministry Supplies for Missions Team projects
  • Sightseeing and other personal expenses
  • Bring a sleeping bag or bedding for a twin size bed
All of our Team leaders at Epic Missions Inc are put through an extensive background check for criminal and sexual offender status. Individuals with any habitual offense, felony or sexual offense conviction will not be on the staff of Epic Missions.
How do I choose a missions trip
Ask a question - we have the answer.
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  • Are only Christians allowed to do Mission work? Epic Missions provides anyone who wants to help another person who is hurting, homeless, in need or “at risk” an opportunity to serve. We help people from every race or religion to get back on track and have productive lives through our volunteers and missions work
  • Are public schools encouraged to do missions work at Epic Missions? Yes! Every year Epic Missions hosts many college and high school students that choose to do volunteer work within the community. Many are from public universities and secondary schools. We design the trips around your students and their goals and talents.
  • What should I look for in a good Christian Mission Trip? Ask them if they own their own base or if they are putting your team up in someone else's building. Are there on-site showers? Where will you sleep on the floor or in beds?
  • Show me mission trip opportunities. We have over 30 of them designed just for you
  • Is Church attendance required to go on a missions trip? No! Epic Missions does not require you to be of a certain belief or creed in order to serve others through our missions program. Your church or non-church affiliation is up to you! We are a Christian based organization but serve anyone regardless of their beliefs or race.
  • How much money does a Missions Trip cost? Our costs include all of your meals (3 per day instead of the normal 2 per day) That extra meals adds up in cost and convenience if your team has been working hard
  • What are the best Mission Trips? Our trips are designed for Youth Pastors BY Youth Pastors. We design what you want - not what we box up
  • Does your Mission Trip sleep me on the floor? No! We have real pillow top mattresses for everyone!
  • Will we have access to a hot shower each day? How does 9 showers sound to you? Gotta Go - You are in luck- we have bathrooms!
  • Is there air conditioning on the Mission Trips? Do you prefer fans or sweating? You can do that if you wish - but all of our facilities are Air Conditioned!
  • What do I need to bring for a Missions Trip? Your Bible, Private iPod, Guitar, a willing spirit to be used, Pillow and a sheet or sleeping bag.
  • How long is a Short Term Missions Trip? 3 to 7 days. Longer if you wish.
  • Show me Domestic Mission Trips. We are based in Vero Beach. We are Florida Specialists in Missions Trips
  • What ages can participate in a Mission Trip? We support family missions with infants all the way to folks in their 80's.
  • What Opportunities are available in Florida or across the United States? We think Missions start at home!
We can answer these questions and more on our site - or just email us with a question and we will get right back to you!
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