Christian Mission Trips and Retreats to Florida

Serve the Hungry and Poor through a
Low Cost Food Share Program

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We Custom Plan your Missions Trip for the following choices:
"Adopting a Family" for a week, work with Pre-school disadvantaged, Home Rehabilitation, Prison Aftercare, Elderly Ministry, Needy Families, Urban Evangelism, Vacation Bible School Ministry, work in a Garden that gives away all it grows, work with "At risk"teens, work with Children removed from their families, Neighborhood After School programs, Food Share Programs, Homeless Ministries, Soup Kitchen Ministry.
4,700 sq. ft. of air Conditioned Facilities where you sleep New Mattress top Beds 16 Acres 3 Meals per day! Beach Activities Beach Volley Ball
Food and Outreach Program

The Food and Outreach Center caters to the needs of low income families. Food and Outreach Center has several locations throughout Indian River and St. Lucie Counties where it distributes food at lower costs than retail grocery stores.

Food and Outreach Center also has an active social services program where they provide training, education and social service resources to their clients.
Our teams must wear Close Toed shoes to serve at The Food and Outreach Center. Many times we assist in organizing the retail grocery store or we work in the warehouse to unload and sort incoming food and products.

The work is fast paced and demanding and the efforts allow folks who could not afford to pay full retail price - the opportunity to get food for 30- 50% less than normal prices. This ministry is a Christian ministry and is part of the compassionate missions that Epic Missions works through.
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