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A Missions Trip to Haiti is a life changer - for you, as well as the Haitian children.

Haiti is one of those missions destinations that will change your life. There is likely no other country in this region of the world that has more widespread poverty and need than Haiti. We were in Haiti right after the earthquake of January 2010 that killed over 200,000 people.

As a result of the earthquake, and Haiti's already swelling population of orphans, it is estimated that over 400,000 orphans may be trying to survive in the country. One of Paul Munsie's (founder of Epic Missions Inc) good friends, is Djumy Septembre, founder of
Carha. Carha is a Haitian Mission that works with over 1400 boys and girls, many of them orphans, each week in Haiti, Djumy runs a clinic in St Martin, Haiti and an orphanage up in Gonaives, Haiti.

Epic has partnered with Brother Djumy, to bring Missions teams to Haiti and serve either at the clinic or at the orphanage in the mountains of Gonaives. Paul recalls that his first night in Haiti was especially emotional for him. "I remember going to sleep that night, and all I could see was the little faces of children that had been begging for food and money all day long. It brought me to tears to think of my blessings and their pain. And I knew that the only long term hope for them to escape poverty was to change their lives one at a time. First, through charity - providing for them some basic needs of food, clean water, clothing and education. And secondly I knew they needed to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ".
There is important information regarding Haiti that you need to be aware of before you decide to make Haiti your travel destination.  You should consult your doctor to get any recommended immunizations before your trip. There are also required Skype meetings for training with Epic Missions that are required for each and every team member before you make your travel to Haiti - THESE MEETINGS ARE MANDATORY because we love you and want to prepare you properly for your week in Haiti!

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A passport will be required by each team member.  This can take up to six weeks to obtain if you do not already have one. You need to make sure each member has this official document in advance of the travel arrangements being made. One thing all members of your team needs to fully understand, you can not fix Haiti.  Haiti is in shambles and it is heartbreaking to drive through the area.  We can make a difference for a week and be Christ to the area for a time, but we can not fix the complete devastation there.  This will be an emotional trip for all that attend. These are the exact words of Pastor Djumy.  He asked us to make sure our teams understand that they can come to Haiti and love the people, but they will not fix Haiti.  The devastation is surreal! The poverty is intense! It will be difficult to prepare a team for all the emotions they will have during their time in Haiti.
It will be extremely important for your team to follow the directions of Epic Missions and Pastor Djumy.  Your teams' safety depends on their willingness to follow instructions. There is an old missionary story regarding complete obedience we would like to share with you. Once there was a small boy of a missionary traveling through the jungles of Africa.  The Father said to the boy “Stop!” “Be still!”

The son instantly obeyed the words of his father. Just then the Father with perfect aim and accuracy killed a deadly poisonous snake and saved the life of his only son. The sons life was saved because of his instant perfect obedience. He didn't question his father’s order and ask why do I have to be still, he immediately responded to the request with total obedience.  This is the kind of obedience your team will need to respond with when traveling in the country of Haiti.  

The Haiti children will be such a blessing and you will fall in love with them right away. You will feel so many raw emotions when it is time to leave them behind.  You will be hosted by the Carha Orphanage and be staying on their premises.  If your team desires to bring toys or coloring books etc. please clear this with Epic Missions first.

Haiti will be a trip of a lifetime and will effect each member of your team.  No, we can not “fix” Haiti, but we can make a difference in a child's life. You can go and show them Christ for a week and give the gift of love.  Call us, at Epic Missions,  today to start making your plans for your trip to Haiti!
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