Christian Mission Trips and Retreats to Florida

Missions Teams work outdoors in Shining Light Garden!
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We Custom Plan your Missions Trip for the following choices:
"Adopting a Family" for a week, work with Pre-school disadvantaged, Home Rehabilitation, Prison Aftercare, Elderly Ministry, Needy Families, Urban Evangelism, Vacation Bible School Ministry, work in a Garden that gives away all it grows, work with "At risk"teens, work with Children removed from their families, Neighborhood After School programs, Food Share Programs, Homeless Ministries, Soup Kitchen Ministry.
4,700 sq. ft. of air Conditioned Facilities where you sleep New Mattress top Beds 16 Acres 3 Meals per day! Beach Activities Beach Volley Ball
Missions Garden and Foundation

Missions Garden and Foundation mission is to reach out to the homeless, hungry, and forgotten - and they do just that. A ministry first founded in 2008 in a backyard garden, has now grown to over 20 acres and is lovingly tended to by its' founder.

God laid the ministry upon Joel's shoulders when he was called to start this non profit that provides food to the homeless, hungry and needy at no cost. All of the vegetables that come out of the garden are given away as a message of love to the needy.

It is hard to describe the serene beauty in the garden. Much of that beauty comes from the purpose for which the garden exists. Missions Garden and Foundation is regularly growing tomatoes, squash, okra, melon, beans and herbs - all to be given away. We support this ministry by working together with Missions Garden and Foundation in allowing you to help weed, harvest and tend to the crops as part of your missions trip. If your team is interested in this type of ministry - let us know and we can get your team plugged in!
Since September of 2010, Missions Garden and Foundation has distributed over 100,000 bushels of fresh produce to those in need within the community. Over 20 local pantry's and shelters benefit directly from the food that is produced at Missions Garden and Foundation.

When a team from Epic Missions shares a morning of labor in the field, they ensure that a needy family in the area will experience the love of God by having food upon their table. This ministry is a Christian run ministry and exists for the glory of God. All seeds, labor, machinery and land is donated to Missions Garden and Foundation and through your volunteerism, the garden yields a consistent bountiful crop!
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