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Short Term Christian Mission Trip opportunities are available for your team in a variety of different mission fields.

We work directly with ministries in Florida's Indian River County that serve the poor, needy and homeless and "at-risk" children.

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Christian Mission Opportunities are available for you. Click on any service projects to the right that may interest your missions team. Your missions trip at Epic Missions is customized around your mission teams talents and desires!
During School summer vacation and Winter breaks, VBS or Vacation Bible School
is a time where we deliberately focus on kids to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a fun and educational way! Typically, a missions team will canvas a neighborhood with invitations and announcements prior to the arrival of the next weeks' team which will hold the VBS event!

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Kids come from everywhere and their moms and dads usually show up out of curiosity. It gives our missions teams great opportunities to share the gospel and talk one on one with folks about their life, their problems, and their desire to be happy. We have the answer! Jesus Christ! Share it through Epic Missions!

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Inner City Missions Opportunities:
Each year, hundreds of mission youth groups and adult mission teams from all over the nation come to Florida to serve in a wide variety of mission settings. The type of work includes Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Clubs, Resort Ministry, Sports Clinics, Block Parties, Construction Projects, Feeding Programs, Special Needs Children Ministry, Jail Ministry, and Inner City Ministries.
Missions Trips in Florida are full of exciting options from catching real fish to throwing a net for lost souls! At Epic Missions, we are all about reaching the lost for Jesus Christ!

Florida is a diverse State. Many people who live here have moved here from other parts of the country. It may surprise you to know that in any counties of Florida, the average age is under38! That is because families have moved here, attracted by beautiful weather and lower costs of living.
Florida weather Floridas' warm sunny climate is one of its main attractions, and the reason why so many people choose to both vacation and do missions in the Sunshine State. With a mainly sub-tropical climate - the extreme southern tip and the Florida Keys enjoy a truly tropical climate - Florida averages 300 days of sunshine a year, with pleasant warm winters and hot, sometimes humid summers.

As former Connecticut residents, we can tell you that we have experienced many days that were much hotter and more muggy in Connecticut and Maine that we have ever experienced here in South Florida. One of the reasons why our weather is so nice, is because we are located so close to the ocean on the east coast!

Here is a quick look at our current weather on the Treasure Coast!

The coastal areas are cooler than inland, thanks to the sea breezes from both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean. In reality, our summers in Florida are very similar to the weather in the northeast with the exception of two major differences - we always have a breeze here at the coast, and we typically get a late day shower or thunderstorm. Most evening temperatures go down to 50 degrees in the winter and 70 degrees in the summer!

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Florida's weather - Warm sunny winters and hot summers There are two distinct seasons in Florida - the dry season, seen during the autumn and winter, and the wet season, occurring throughout the spring and summer. Although Florida attracts visitors all year round, the winter months are the peak tourist season, with temperatures averaging at 75 degrees and most days staying relatively dry. Summers in Florida are hot and wet, often with temperatures frequently reaching 90 to 92 degrees in the day. It tends to rain every day during the summer months, generally around 3pm, with the showers being heavy but not lasting very long.
Weather in Florida - Frequent thunderstorms and plenty of lightning Floridas' climate is influenced by the Gulf Stream, which helps to maintain warmth and moderate the regions' temperatures. With plenty of moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and the hot tropical sun, the area sees many thunderstorms, and the state is well-known as being the lightning capital of the country - the cause of many injuries every year, especially on the numerous golf courses. The hurricane season in Florida runs from June to November, with the area seeing occasional tropical storms with high winds and heavy rainfall. Because we average over 300 days of sun each year - no matter what time you choose for a Missions Trip, the odds are great that your weather will be wonderful!
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