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Adult Missions Trips

When Epic Missions plans Mission Trips for Adults, we take into consideration your teams desires, talents and age. In the over 50 age group, we can design a missions trip that is intense or one which is more laid back. Often, our over 50 groups have us plan what we would call a missions tour. A mid level intensity missions trip that allows two or three days for missions experience, and two or three days for touring the local attractions, beaches, museums or gardens.

Day trips to attractions such as
Butterfly World, McKee Gardens, or The Disney Attractions are all within a few minutes to 1 1/2 hours away by car or van. There are certain activities that are age exclusive - such as prison ministry and ministry to “at risk” teenagers that only adults can do. Whatever your teams interests - we will plan the trip for you.
As a veteran leader of missions teams, Jackie can tell you how much a leader appreciates 3 meals per day for the team. As a Team Leader, the last thing you want to have to do after a long day, is to figure out where you are taking the adult team for dinner, traveling out again at night, paying for it and traveling back to the base! So we decided all of our teams would be well fed and rested with 3 meals provided by Epic Missions each day.

At the end of your meal, you can schedule the night off or have worship with your Missions Team. Whatever your desire - we will do our best to assist you!

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Planning Mission Trips for Adults with Epic Missions is an opportunity for just a few days to see what it is like to make a lasting IMPACT in the lives of others - all by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in creative ways that match the talents of your team and the needs of the people you minister to!

The chief difference between Epic Missions Inc and other Florida Missions organizations is that we
CUSTOMIZE our Florida missions programs to meet the desires and talents of YOUR Adult team. Many other missions organizations have a cookie cutter approach to missions teams where they "fit" you into their pre planned missions trip templates. At Epic Missions, EVERY Florida Missions Trip is unique and customized - no two missions trips are the same!
Some of the Mission Trips For Adults that share their missions week with Epic Missions like to begin their morning with a devotions time that is usually provided by one of their own team members.  Epic Missions can provide a devotion if the team leader would like us too. Some Adult Missions Teams also enjoy having a time of worship during their week at Epic Missions.  We encourage you to bring your guitars or key boards and have worship together as a team.  If you would like a worship time and there isn't anyone on your team that you feel can lead, then we at Epic Missions can supply an evening of worship for your Adult Missions Team at your request.  

Please feel free to bring a cd or ipod of your favorite music for worship and we can provide a doc station or cd player for you to enjoy your worship session. We encourage this time throughout your week.  It allows the team a time to reflect and share what God is doing in and through the members on your team.

There can also be time made available for quiet reflection if the team leaders requests it. A sound system and electricity hookups are available should your team require it.
Click Here for Florida entertainment or relaxation options should your team desire one or two days for sightseeing or relaxation.

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