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Adopt a Needy Family for a week and make a difference in their lives
Epic Missions, Inc identifies needy families through community social service agencies and churches. When we identify a family in need, we make certain that the subject family can be helped (not habitually dependent) and that the situation that caused the need was outside of their control (sickness, loss of a spouse, unemployment, etc)

Epic Missions teams will "adopt" a needy family for a week or more and will get to know the "story" of the family in an effort to help them get back on their feet, receive counseling, work training, and basic help in and around the home so that they can regain a positive self image and "break the cycle" of dependence.

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Many families in need have children that are innocent bystanders and become affected and stressed by their parents' situation. We seek to intervene and provide practical support for the family such as simple home repairs and painting that help families to feel better and take pride in their surroundings.

Often, our teams will do a food pounding, or will supply children's clothes to the family in need. These families stay in contact with us and we continue to monitor their progress and healthy road to recovery.
Sometimes a divorce will leave a mother with children and an income and living situation that will not adequately provide for her family. In these situations, we use our network of community service organizations and our own resources to help the head of household get references for job interviews and sometimes even find housing that will be safe for the children.

Whatever the need, your team can volunteer to help make a difference and learn the gift of service. Take what you learn back home with you and make a difference in your own community!
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