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Getting Started on your Mission

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Lets Get Started!

There are just a few steps you will need to follow in order to get started planning a missions trip. Here are a few helpful guides:
  • Gather together a team of those who may be interested in going on a missions trip from your congregation, youth group or organization.
  • Florida Weekly trips include 3 meals per day, air conditioned housing, itinerary planning, and an Epic missions tour guide. Click our pricing here
  • Team Leader fills out the Group Trip Agreement by downloading the .pdf version of the form
  • Each Member of your team must fill out the Team Member Application by downloading the pdf version of the form
  • Team Leader collects all completed and witnessed forms from the team and a non refundable contribution deposit of $79 per person and mails or scans and emails the .pdf forms to Epic Missions Inc.. When we receive the completed documents with the required non refundable reservation fees, we will reserve the dates requested for your team. Book early (at least 6 months ahead) to get the week you desire.
  • IMPORTANT - You have 30 days from picking your dates top sending in deposits for your team to hold your dates. Without deposits we regret that we cannot hold dates. So please be prepared to send in deposits for us to reserve your dates, otherwise they will be opened up to the next team willing to reserve with deposits.
  • Final payments are due within 60 days of your trip date (pay in full).
  • IMPORTANT - Cancellations outside of 90 days prior to your trip date will result in forfeiture of payments for those team members that cancel. For this reason, if you have cancellations least than 90 days from trip date, we recommend you do your best to substitute a new team member for the one that cancelled! We cannot apply the payments from one cancelled member towards the remaining trip invoice for any member that cancels under 90 days from trip date.
missions expectations
Sometimes the younger members of the team may be thinking of joking around about what they see or smell - you need to reproof them in a Godly way and help them understand that in God's eyes, some of the smells in a shelter are just as sweet as their fancy cologne or perfume. God sees a different picture - through missions work your eyes will begin to change as well...
Planning your mission trips
Another attribute to take with you on a short term mission trip is being teachable.  Being willing to learn new ways to serve is important to the whole team.  Being willing to receive instruction from someone else and following through on the given task is very vital to the mission being a success.
If you serve one day in a soup kitchen and they are serving food you would never eat, you need to keep a positive attitude and serve it like you are serving a prime rib steak!!  It will teach you very quickly how blessed you really may be! The people that come to the soup kitchen are hungry and they are ready to eat their hot meal and they do not want to hear negative talk about what they are being served to eat.
Missions trips are excellent
Getting your mission trips planning started
All of our Team leaders at Epic Missions Inc are put through an extensive background check for criminal and sexual offender status. Individuals with any habitual offense, felony or sexual offense conviction will not be on the staff of Epic Missions.
Here is a calendar for your use to see what days and dates will fall on the calendar for the upcoming year. This calendar does NOT represent filled or vacant times for teams.
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