Epic Missions Christian Mission TripsCancellation and Pricing Policy

Epic Missions Cancellation and Pricing Policy

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Sometimes teams find it necessary to make changes to the planned trip. In every case Epic Missions will do its' best to accommodate these changes within the following guidelines.

Many folks are counting on your team to arrive and minister as scheduled. At Epic Missions, we also staff and prepare in advance for your accommodations, food, staffing and itinerary.

Changes to a schedule can be very costly to our organization. With these ideas in mind - here are a few simple guidelines regarding changes and cancellations.
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For Team Members:

Initial non-refundable deposits of $79 for each team member are due as soon as possible in order to reserve space and dates for your Missions Team.

IMPORTANT - You have 21 days from choosing your dates to pay deposits for your team in order to hold your dates. Without deposits we regret that we cannot hold dates. So please be prepared to send in deposits for us to reserve your dates, otherwise they will be opened up to the next team willing to reserve with deposits. Deposits are credited towards your Missions Trip Costs.
IMPORTANT - Final payments are due within 60 days of your trip date (pay in full).
IMPORTANT - Cancellations prior to 90 days from trip date will not be refunded and will forfeit deposit payments. Payments in excess of deposits for cancelled positions may be held by Epic Missions as a credit for a future return trip but the deposit portion of the payment will be forfeited. Please Note - exceptions cannot be made. For this reason, please substitute a new member for those positions that cancel under 90 days from Trip start date. The substituting member must also complete their required forms.

You will be expected to pay for positions cancelled less than 90 days from trip start date that are not substituted.

Your understanding is appreciated as Epic Missions, Inc cannot bear the full cost of a last minute cancellation. As a not-for-profit 501(c)3 missions organization, we run a full schedule and reserve the time you choose at registration for your team.

Deposits can be sent direct to Epic Missions Inc, 6025 12th Street, Vero Beach FL 32966 with the required Adult team member forms, or Minor Age Team Member Forms and can be mailed in all at one time with the Group Leader Reservation forms.
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Church Group Leader forms click Here

Public School Group Leader forms click Here

Public School Team Member Adult forms click Here

Public School Team Member Student (minor) forms click Here
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Audio at Epic Missions

Audio and Video
Hi end Audio and video is available if you do not have your own portable sound system. Our system is NOT portable - It is installed in the pavilion.

Because of the complexity and cost of an audio / video system, we have to have a qualified tech available to run sound and video for you in the pavilion. You cannot run our mixer or Projection system yourself.

Audio and Video is available for an additional charge. Please inquire when you call.

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