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10 reasons why Epic Missions is the Best Value for Christian Mission Trips for College Students, Youth Groups, Churches, Public Schools, Private Schools, Adults, Senior Adults, Business and Families:
Christian Missions at Epic Missions
1) We own and operate a REAL Missions base - We are NOT a PO Box! If you are communicating with someone with a PO Box - ask them where their sleeping facilities or Missions base is located. Chances are they have no missions base and simply act as a booking agent.

We do not charge you to sleep in a building on a floor, with no showers - that's because we provide our beautiful Missions base to YOU in Vero Beach, FL while on your Missions Trip. See our facilities here!

2) We Customize your Christian Mission Trips based upon your desires and group talents, we do not plug you in to a preset trip

3) We provide you 3 home cooked (from scratch) hearty meals per day, not just Breakfast and lunch - that makes a big difference for leaders and team at the end of a long day

4) Affordable costs Domestic MISSIONS MEAN LOWER COSTS (inclusive of meals, lodging, missions planning)

5) Our Facility - We operate our missions base on 16 acres with a prayer garden, 3,200 sq. ft. outdoor pavilion, regulation high school basketball court, regulation beach volley ball court, multiple lanai areas, meeting areas, air-conditioned facilities, pillow top mattresses, and our many animals: pet pygmy goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, parrots, tropical fish and an alligator or two!

Epic Missions was created by Youth Pastors FOR Youth Pastors - We understand what you need for your kids and we deliver it!

7) Affordable costs (inclusive of meals, lodging, missions planning)
as low as $299 p/p

8) Domestic mission trips mean lower costs and
better safety for your team and we are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida - ideal for a missions trip year round!

9) Variety - Epic Missions offers
upwards of 40 different types of mission projects and ministries for you to choose from. You tell us what you want to do and we will put together a custom schedule just for your team.

Epic Missions Guides - No team goes out into the community on their own. We ensure that at least one Epic Missions guide will be where you will be all week long. Our interns are trained and background checked in a comprehensive program developed by Epic Missions. You are in great hands when you serve in Missions through Epic Missions, Inc
Mission Trips for youth
Designed by Youth Pastors - For Youth Pastors - We understand what you need!

Youth Mission Trips and Youth Groups are a natural fit for Epic Missions, Inc. Epic Missions was founded by Youth Pastors - We understand what you need for your kids and adults and we deliver it! We know what you want and we work hard to make sure your week is a success.

We do the planning work for you! We plan your entire itinerary based upon your teams talents and desires!

Every area of domestic missions work you serve in during your week is designed around your teams desires, talents, and goals. No two trips are ever the same!

Click here to find out why we are the best valued mission trips in America

Whatever your age range we will custom design a mission trip to meet your needs.
The best part is we do all the work! You tell us what you want to do and our specialists will build your week.
Missions Trip Sleeping Facilities

Sleep in an air conditioned dorm on pillow top mattresses!

Comfortable Mattresses

Spend some time listening and praying in the Epic Missions Prayer Garden

Prayer Garden
Epic Missions has two lakes, 3,200 sq. ft outdoor pavilion with 2 wide screen televisions and sound, outdoor beach volley ball court, Brand new regulation basketball court, ping pong tables, air hockey, foos ball, and dozens of games, lanai area, and a 4,400 sq. ft. air conditioned dorm on 16 beautiful acres. Here is what we provide!
Epic Missions Campus

Enjoy playing basketball on our newly constructed high school regulation full court

Florida Missions Base
Epic Missions provides you with a Missions Base located 7 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! We are also 90 minutes from all the Orlando attractions should you decide to take a relaxation day during your Missions Week.
Mission Trips for Christians
Ask a question - we have the answer.
Email us Here
  • Are only Christians allowed to do Mission work? Epic Missions provides anyone who wants to help another person who is hurting, homeless, in need or “at risk” an opportunity to serve. We help people from every race or religion to get back on track and have productive lives through our volunteers and missions work
  • Are public schools encouraged to do missions work at Epic Missions? Yes! Every year Epic Missions hosts many college and high school students that choose to do volunteer work within the community. Many are from public universities and secondary schools. We design the trips around your students and their goals and talents.
  • What should I look for in a good Christian Mission Trip? Ask them if they own their own base or if they are putting your team up in someone else's building. Are there on-site showers? Where will you sleep on the floor or in beds?
  • Show me mission trip opportunities. We have over 40 of them designed just for you
  • Is Church attendance required to go on a missions trip? No! Epic Missions does not require you to be of a certain belief or creed in order to serve others through our missions program. Your church or non-church affiliation is up to you! We are a Christian based organization but serve anyone regardless of their beliefs or race.
  • How much money does a Missions Trip cost? Our costs include all of your meals (3 per day instead of the normal 2 per day) That extra meals adds up in cost and convenience if your team has been working hard
  • What are the best Mission Trips? Our trips are designed for Youth Pastors BY Youth Pastors. We design what you want - not something in a box
  • Does your Mission Trip sleep me on the floor? No! We have real pillow top mattresses for everyone!
  • Will we have access to a hot shower each day? How does 9 showers sound to you? Gotta Go - You are in luck- we have bathrooms!
  • Is there air conditioning on the Mission Trips? Do you prefer fans and sweating? You can do that if you wish - but all of our facilities are Air Conditioned!
  • What do I need to bring for a Missions Trip? Your Bible, Private iPod, Guitar, a willing spirit to be used, Pillow and a sheet or sleeping bag.
  • How long is a Short Term Missions Trip? Usually 5 nights 6 days
  • Show me Domestic Mission Trips. We are based in Vero Beach. We are Florida Specialists in Missions Trips
  • What ages can participate in a Mission Trip? We support family missions with infants all the way to folks in their 80's.
  • What Opportunities are available in Florida or across the United States? We think Missions start at home!
We can answer these questions and more on our site - or just email us with a question and we will get right back to you!
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