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Missions Intern Job 1
Summer - Summer is one of our missions interns that sparkles and enjoys working so much with all of our teams. Summer is currently attending Johnson University.
Missions Intern Job 2
Ayomede - Ayomede is a missions intern and leads our teams with a great heart. Ayomede is a student at Notre Dame University.
Missions Intern Job
Graham - Graham is from Florida and Colorado and has been working hard in his families marina business for as long as he can remember. Graham has an ever eager spirit to help and serves without ever complaining!
Missions Intern Job 3
Alyssa - Alyssa always has a spontaneous smile and genuine love for the Lord. Its' the way Alyssa lives.
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The Epic Missions Internship program is an awesome program. It is designed for ages 18 and above through post college. A college internship is a great way to spend your summer, work on your leadership skills as well as add a great reference for admission to school or graduate school. This position must be applied for and includes your room and board.

The internship program at Epic Missions is outstanding and allows you to make new friendships with other interns that will last a lifetime. It is a great venue to grow and improve your skills as a leader and encourager. You become the face of Epic Missions to our teams and are a very important part of the missions experience!
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Summer Volunteer as an intern leader
If you are 18 years of age or older and have a heart to serve others we would welcome you to come and serve with us as a Senior Intern at Epic Missions in the state of Florida! We ask that you serve for a minimum of three weeks.  We will spend time in training you to be a leader within Epic Missions, Inc and to lead the teams that come to do missions service with us.  

We will provide your room and board at our cost and there will be no charge to you. You must provide your own transportation. We will reimburse your gasoline costs. You will be available 24/7 as an intern if the need arises (such as an emergency). Otherwise, your normal days start early and end around 9:00p.m or so :) You usually have some time off on weekends and must work that around the Epic Missions schedule.
You may go to our forms page and fill out the application for the Epic Missions Internship position. We provide your room and board and in some cases a stipend. You provide your spending monies plus whatever your travel expenses are to travel to Epic Missions. In most cases, your service at Epic Missions qualifies on your resume or college application as a positive service experience.
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Missions Trips for Christians
Christian Missions Trip Opportunity
You need to avoid "Drama". The definition of that goes without saying. As an Epic Missions Intern you are NOT to be caught up in the scoop of the day. There are always scoops at camp - but as an Intern you are removed above the day to day news flashes. As an intern you are a leader and your own personal bar of professional standards should be set high!

You must be ON TIME, and be capable of leading people. You need to be a good listener and quick learner. Your time as an Epic Missions Intern will be memorable for life and will be one of the most rewarding things you can do throughout your college and young adult years!
Opportunity to be a missions trip intern
We expect you to take on the responsibility of a Senior Intern (18 years old+) seriously as you will be representing Epic Missions to our teams and to the public. An Epic Missions intern is there to SERVE our teams - it is your job to make sure everything goes smoothly and you become the GUIDE for our teams throughout their day.
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There will be times when you have the evening off and on those evenings dinner is on your own. You must supply your own transportation.  You will also need to agree to have a background check completed by Epic Missions.

This is a mandatory detail to be completed prior to us accepting you into the internship program.  This will be an exciting time in your life - a time of training and learning as well as a time of tremendous growth within yourself.  We look forward to working with you! Fill out your
Epic Missions Internship form package today and we will be in touch with you!!  
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