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Hungry missions
What an experience serving the hungry at our community food and soup kitchen. It has been said that you cannot feed a man's heart until you feed his stomach (attrb. Salvation Army).

Epic Missions Teams volunteer at the community food and soup kitchen to serve nourishing meals to the clients that visit. Each morning there is a Bible study conducted at The community food and soup kitchen and clients get a passionate invitation to meet the Jesus that we all need.

Many of The Sources' clients find Salvation right there in the dining room after an invitation and a chorus of Amazing Grace.
Feeding the homeless
This feeding ministry is a place where broken lives are redeemed and empty hearts are filled with Christ's love.

Each client is served where they are sitting on days that Epic Missions serves. It gives the clients a sense of being special and restores some sense of dignity for the client.
missions trip to hungry
At Left, clients of the community food and soup kitchen listen to a passionate message delivered by one of the Pastors. Before eating, we spend a time in worship and singing, followed by a message applicable to the situation of the clients.

The Gospel is clearly presented and an opportunity is given for clients to turn over their lives to Jesus Christ and leave their habits behind. Many find a new beginning at the community food and soup kitchen.

Our teams feed the clients and then we eat with them because it is important to listen to their stories. Many times we get opportunities to pray with the clients and they all know Epic Missions very well. It is a challenging and rewarding missions experience!
Feed the homeless
After the serving is complete, our teams sit and break bread with the clients. We find out the things we have in common and chat about the lives of those who we meet.

When the Holy Spirit opens an opportunity to share about spiritual things - we do. Only God can heal the broken lives that go through The Source each week. We are just the vessels - He is the power. We want to be willing, able, and in the right place at the appointed time. God is never late!

Contact Jackie to let her know your team wants to visit the community food and soup kitchen when you serve through Epic Missions.
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