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Missions to help handicapped and mentally
challenged children

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Missions through our area special needs School

One of the most enjoyable missions opportunities we offer is for our teams to work with the children at our area special needs School. This school is a public school designed for children with mental or physical challenges.

A favorite is to join in twice a week for the Zoomba class where we participate with the students and show our love and assistance!

work with special needs kids

The disabilities these children face are numerous and varied. We come along side them to encourage them and participate in their activities.

Some are fully mobile and others are confined to wheelchairs. Some have mental challenges, or physical challenges such as blindness, birth or brain injury and other medical conditions.

mission trips for special needs students

Our presence in their day is a huge encouragement for them. You would be surprised to see the amazing personalities and abilities many of them have perfected as a result of their challenges.

They respond with smiles and an innocent desire to be loved, valued and cared for just the way God made them. They are a valued part of our Missions opportunities that we offer our teams!

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