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Special needs support
Care for special olympics horses
Since 1992, this organization has provided therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults who are challenged by Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Spina Bifida, Strokes, Diabetes, and other conditions affecting muscles and speech. Many of our riders are unable to control their arms and legs and are among scores of people in Indian River County burdened by mental, developmental, physical and emotional disabilities.

To a child or adult with a physical, developmental or emotional disability, life looks a lot brighter on horseback. The power and warmth of a horse strengthens and tones muscles, improves balance, head control and coordination, builds patience and self-esteem, and offers a sense of freedom and equality. Horseback riding gently and rhythmically simulates the human gait, so riders with physical disabilities improve their flexibility and muscle strength.
Epic Missions cares for horses
The horses, most of them in their 20's, seem to understand their roles, patiently waiting for disabled riders to position themselves and give them the "walk on" cue either by voice, cluck, or hand sign. We see children and adults change as soon as they get into the saddle. For a little while, at least, they are in control of their lives.

Epic Missions, Inc supports the care of the stables and horses at this facility, because this endeavor serves those who are special needs and benefit from the therapy the horses provide. Through helping animals, we in turn help people. Caring for this organization is always a highlight in our day!
Care for equine therapy horses
EAP at The Equestrian Foundation is a solution focused therapy conducted by an accredited two person team consisting of a mental health specialist and a equine specialist.​​​

This form of therapy assists in the treatment of emotional and/or behavioral disorders such as depression, abuse, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, aggression and PTSD.

As an alternative treatment to traditional “talk therapy”, EAP has been proven effective for all ages with the research ranging from adolescent girls with eating disorders to war veterans acclimating to a civilian lifestyle.​​​

If you and your team would like to work with Special Equestrian Horses,
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