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Elderly and Nursing Home Ministry

Epic Missions is proud to work with many nursing homes and elderly assisted living facilities in our community. Discover an amazing learning experience as you chat with and care for an elderly person.

Often, our teams will sing for the older adults, put on a drama reenactment or simply play bingo with these adorable folks that have years of experience and wisdom to share. You can be the light in their day by just simply talking or listening to the as they share experiences of their lives that are priceless.
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One of our favorite WWII veterans who is as "sharp as a tack", speaks to the kids. We so love him and all of his life stories. What an incredible guy!

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Often, we simply read to them, play a game or two of bingo, or paint their nails and bring joy to them because we are there for them. Old age can be terribly lonely - and we often fill the gap with friendship and delight for that day.

Many of the older folk we minister to are from all backgrounds and religions. We find common bonds of care, respect and friendship as they recall their lifetimes full of experience. You would be amazed at what you can learn from an older adult.

You also bring hope and light to an older adult because you share part of yourself to someone who is hurting. Its amazing - share what you have and you gain far more in return! Let us know if you would like to schedule in this activity in your missions week.
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