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We understand youth teams and their leaders expect on a Youth Mission Trip! For over 17 years we have worked with Junior High and Senior High youth both as a youth Pastor and in Short Term Missions.

We know what it takes to motivate today's kids while providing well planned support and scheduling to our youth leaders. If you are a Youth Pastor you need to give us a call. We will
refer you to dozens of other youth pastors that return to Epic Missions with their youth teams year after year. They do so because we know our "stuff" and we deliver to make sure this will be your best teenage mission trip ever!
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As a Youth leader or Pastor, the last thing you want to have to do after a long day, is to figure out where you are taking the team for dinner, traveling out again at night, paying for it and traveling back to the base! So we decided all of our teams would be well fed and rested with 3 meals provided by Epic Missions each day.

You may spend your evenings at rest, at the beach or
holding an event with "at risk" teens that we regularly work with. Let us know how you might want to spend most evenings while at Epic Missions.
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Planning a Youth Missions trip with Epic Missions is an opportunity for just a few days to see what it is like to make a lasting IMPACT in the lives of others - all by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in creative ways that match the talents of your team and the needs of the people you minister to!

The chief difference between Epic Missions Inc and other Florida Missions organizations is that we
CUSTOMIZE our Florida missions programs to meet the desires and talents of YOUR team. Many other missions organizations have a cookie cutter approach to missions teams where they "fit" you into their pre planned missions trip templates. At Epic Missions, EVERY Florida Missions Trip is unique and customized - no two missions trips are the same!
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Epic Missions provides you with practical, easy to use ideas to help you raise money for your youth mission trip. We are committed to helping you make this an awesome trip - right from the start. So it is important we give you some valuable fund raising suggestions! Click here for our fundraising ideas and sample editable letters to start making your fundraising easy!
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