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  • Family Mission Trips are a specialty at Epic Missions. We have a great perspective on your mindset because our founding member, Jackie Munsie, was herself a youth Leader for over 10 years and we have worked alongside our families for the last 7 years to create "family centered" mission trips.
  • We will specifically tailor your Family missions trip to the abilities and desires of your Family. We know what works and what does not work from many years of experience with Families of all ages. We have 10 reasons why we are special!
  • Even our sleeping arrangements can be worked into adjoining family suites with separate rooms and bathrooms.
2018 Family Mission Trips
2017 Family Christian Missions Trip
Awesome times await your family on a Family Mission Trip! We love families and will build a week of missions around your family that is age specific and challenging! Click here for some more pictures!
Epic Missions is FAMILY FRIENDLY! Unlike most other missions organizations in the USA, we make sure families have an opportunity to serve in domestic missions with their ENTIRE family - no matter what the age.

Kids 5 and under are FREE and kids under 10 are only $199 each for the week! We want you to bring your entire family. We also encourage you to invite your church families to travel with you and make even a larger family oriented missions trip that will save you up to $30
Family Missions Service
Children on a missions trip

Combine multiple families for an "Epic" experience in missions at family affordable prices!

As a youth Director, Jackie, our co-founder, always appreciated 3 meals per day for her teams. As a Family, the last thing you want to have to do after a long day, is to figure out where you are taking your kids for dinner, traveling out again at night, paying for it and traveling back to the base! So we decided all of our family teams would be well fed and rested with 3 meals provided by Epic Missions each day.

At the end of your meal, you can schedule the night off, tuck the little ones into bed, or relax with your Family. Whatever your desire - we will do our best to assist you!
Teach your children the qualities that the Bible encourages such as compassion, patience, sharing, love for the weak and poor. You will experience it first hand as your family serves lunch at the local food kitchen, or works outside on a farm that gives away all it grows. Work with disadvantaged youth at our local center and help them understand giving and sharing as a wonderful experience. 

What ever
your goals for your family, we encourage you to seek out other families in your neighborhood or church group and combine together for an awesome week of family missions. Kids under 10 are reduced in price for a week! Kids under 5 are free! We have designed our pricing to be family friendly and we want young children to experience missions while they are still impressionable!

Night times can be for rest, reading, a fun board game or time around the campfire. Just let us know and we will make sure you have it!
Epic Missions provides you with practical, easy to use ideas to help you raise money for your Family Mission Trip. We are committed to helping you make this an awesome trip - right from the start. So it is important we give you some valuable fund raising suggestions! Click here for our fundraising ideas and sample editable letters to start making your fundraising easy!
Planning a Family Missions trip with Epic Missions is an opportunity for just a few days to see what it is like to make a lasting IMPACT in the lives of others - all by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in creative ways that match the talents of your team and the needs of the people you minister to!

The chief difference between Epic Missions Inc and other Florida Missions organizations is that we
CUSTOMIZE our Florida missions programs to meet the desires and talents of YOUR Family team. Many other missions organizations have a cookie cutter approach to missions teams where they "fit" you into their pre planned missions trip templates. At Epic Missions, EVERY Florida Missions Trip is unique and customized - no two missions trips are the same!
Click Here for Florida entertainment or relaxation options should your family desire one or two days for sightseeing or relaxation.

Incidentally, should you make a payment or donation through our website, please know that this site is secure and that your data and payment information is safe and encrypted.


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