Epic Missions Christian Mission TripsMission Statement

Florida missions vision statement
Our Mission:

VOLUNTEER along side the needy, poor and dependent individuals within the community to encourage

EMPOWER youth and families “At risk” to gain confidence in their ability to provide for themselves. Reduce hunger and dependency on social services.

MINISTER to those that are hurting, lonely, discouraged, and broken in both body and spirit

TRAIN those in need to become self reliant through sharing and caring and through personal example

SUPPORT those “at risk” youth and individuals through the year round activities at Epic Missions

REFER those clients that need professional or clinical help to the appropriate care givers

REPLICATE the missions experience back home in the cities and towns where the missions team member lives.
Our Vision Statement:

Epic Missions Inc believes in the right and ability or each individual to become the person that God intended them to be without reliance upon Governmental programs. We are proponents of seeing our community care for those that are hurting within our own community. We believe in a vision that encompasses all residents of IRC that are able to help volunteer - do just that! We believe that by personal volunteerism, we can build the relationships with others that are hurting that provides the needed relationships and accountability that folk need to break the cycle of dependency and reliance upon drugs and substance abuse.

Our vision is that each one in our community, who is able, would reach our to those within our community who are "at risk" and in danger of becoming an unproductive citizen, parent, spouse or student, and by doing so, show hope for the hopeless and provide personal encouragement to help their neighbor get back on track to a happy and fulfilled life. We do not believe that a check in the mail from Tallahassee is the answer to break the cycle of dependence or is the answer to build skills or self confidence in a family member who is hurting or broken.

Only through showing people that you care, will those people in turn be willing to listen. Caring comes first - that is what we do and we have had thousands of volunteers across the last 5 years of our existence show that care by driving and flying to Epic Missions from all over the USA and Canada to volunteer for a week at a time to the "at risk" in our community. Epic Missions does not discriminate based upon race, sex, religion, or any other reason.

We have put in over 160,000 hours of volunteer work from 4,000 volunteers in IRC alone. Our volunteers are from public schools, colleges, exchange clubs & publicly held corporations. This mission is NOT just for church based folks, however we are Christian founded. We do not require any religious affiliation from our teams or participation in any religious event. We just ask them to care and share - and they do - forsaking their vacations to serve in a community that is not their own!
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