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An Early Christmas Miracle

On August 1st of 2012, Epic Missions, Inc, got their second opportunity to purchase the land upon which they are located (and had been leasing). It was ironic in itself that we even had a second chance to purchase the land, as we were not able to secure our downpayment the first time we had the contract to purchase.

But the bank called us again, after another buyers' attempt to purchase the property failed. By all accounts, no bank would go back to a buyer like us, because we already had a contract and were unable to close by May 31st of this past year. For the new contract, I requested incentives to close early and the bank cooperated with a $40,000 incentive in purchase price if we were able to close by August 31, 2012.

I remember the Sr. VP asking me if we had our downpayment of $130,000 yet, and I replied, "no". He asked me what our plans were to secure the needed downpayment this time around, and I simply said, "God will provide it". I am sure that is just what a banker wanted to hear.
After pouring in thousands of volunteer hours and over $120,000 in rehabilitation costs, we were relying upon God who had promised the land to Epic Missions. No "normal" business thinking person would pour assets and efforts into a property that they did not own, in the "hopes" that they could buy it with money which they had yet to secure!

Within just a few days of signing the new contract a call came in to Epic Missions. It was a man who stated that he and his wife wanted to make sure that Epic Missions was able to remain in Vero Beach and that they wanted to meet Jackie and I at their home. We had never socialized with this couple and they were attending another church in town. Jackie and I never knew the couple on a personal level. They found us.

When we stopped by their home, they told us that they "loved us". Wow! Love? How can that be - we hardly knew each other? Yet, as Christians, we believe that God put it upon their hearts to love us and care for His mission. They asked us what Epic Missions needed. We replied that we needed $130,000 for a downpayment. And the man replied - "OK we can do that - we do not want to make any money on you and we want to be anonymous".

They agreed to lend Epic Missions the funds and give us 3 years to pay it back to them. That gave Epic Missions the ability to obtain its' downpayment money and essentially would give us three years to raise the money to pay it off in full. Even more of a miracle was the banks' willingness to lend us the other $340,000 needed which gave us 100% financing in todays' market - This is unheard of. After 15 years in mortgage banking I can tell you that this is not done as a normal banking practice. But God had other plans.

All the legal work was finished, the promissory notes for the downpayment were agreed upon and the bank approved us for the additional $340,000 to close and Epic Missions purchased the property August 29th, 2012! The banks note was set at 5%! We saved $40,000 off the purchase price and today Epic Missions owns the property - 16 acres and three buildings - To the Glory of God.
And this is the product! Reaching kids and the hurting for Christ! All over Indian River County, Epic Missions brings hope in its' volunteers that reach out to high risk youth, families in crisis, the hurting, elderly and homeless. We do this by integrating our volunteers into area ministries and staffing them so that they can do their mission to the community.

We have set a 5 year goal to become debt free as a ministry! We have great needs to build on the land God has given us. As the co-founder of Epic Missions, it is my belief that God does not want to have Christian organizations encumbered with excessive debt - God wants us to be free to grow and meet the needs of those around us. In 2015 we paid off all of our mortgage debt!

Would you consider helping us to plan to build for our new expansion! We have had a series of miracles that brought Epic Missions to this moment - Would you be part of the next miracle in helping us expand and meet the needs of the community both here and in your hometown?

Every dollar you donate to Epic Missions, Inc is a dollar that benefits mankind and the future of the USA and inevitably - the world! Every person that volunteers through Epic Missions returns home as a changed human being. Most return home with a passion to make a difference in their own communities.

Restoring Epic Missions Base from Paul Munsie on Vimeo.

Here is a video that shows the restoration of Epic Missions. The property had been previously foreclosed and abandoned and with the help of volunteers and Gods' many blessings, we rehabilitated it into a thriving Missions Base in Vero Beach, FL. We stopped leasing the property from the bank and purchased it August 29, 2012!
Please make your tax deductible gift to:

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We will send you a receipt for year end taxes. We hope that you would consider regular giving and mark your contribution as debt retirement, and we will make sure it goes for just that purpose.

You may also make your contributions secured, online, through paypal at the link below! Thank you for your generosity and we hope that you can visit us soon to see what God is doing through EpicMissions, Inc. a Christian 501(c)3 charity.
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